Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Where Has Pete Been, or Time Flies When You're... really busy

I can not believe so much time has passed since my last blog post. 


I have several in the works and will be posting one shortly after this - I promise. 

Since the last update, I've been crazy busy at the day-job.  I spent several days in New York with Matt Heusser hanging with some really smart people and talking about testing.  I made some new friends and chatted with people I knew by reputation and cyberly - but met in person for the first time.

One night I participated in a panel discussion hosted by the Financial Services Special Interest Group of AST - the Association for Software Testing.  What an interesting experience - lots of different view points and ideas around some seemingly simple questions. 

We had a great time.

I've also had some interesting conversations when we got back - lots of interesting things happening in testing all around the world, it seems.

I had, at one point, signed up as a "contingency instructor" for the AST's BBST Foundations Course - translated, there were folks signed up, a head instructor and two assistants, and I agreed to help out if one of them could not do the class.  As it is, I got an email this last week asking if I was willing to help out.  So, I'll be doing some online instruction. 

There have been a stack of problems facing day job stuff - projects that simply were not working right - lots of work there.  Did I mention that before?

Oh yeah, I had "unexpected oral surgery" shortly after getting back from New York and I'm like WAY behind in my writing.  Sorry folks - I'll get there - I promise.

I also have been trying to catch up on the music writing I've been trying to get done.

And of course, being a husband, dad and - Oh yeah, my neice got married as well. 

So, sorry for the backlog - I'll get caught up soon. 

I promise.


  1. You've been missed - good luck catching up with the backlog

  2. Thanks, Phil. Its been crazy, generally good, but crazy.