Monday, November 13, 2017

Live from Potsdam, Day 0 - Agile Testing Days 2017

I arrived in Potsdam last night (German time) after a long travel day with a few adventures, but nothing significant and nothing negative. Arrived late, was forced into the pub for a beer and conversation before I even made it to my room. One thing led to another and I found myself staying up far later than I intended too.

It was a good thing I had nothing scheduled for this morning as I slept in late and had a relaxing conversation with George Dinwidde, Meike Mertsch over a leisurely breakfast. breakfast.

I took a nice long walk around the city, past Sansoucci (the summer palace of Frederick the Great) and back in time for the first of many open sessions, in this case, for speakers. Mike Sutton was facilitating the discussion which was aimed at answering questions of new speakers or speakers new to the this conference.

We have had several deep conversations around people's being concerned about aspects of presenting that many speakers have experienced - everything from imposter's syndrome to concern that people will not like them as a result of the presentation. The discussion was free formed and free wheeling. Mike did a fantastic job getting people to relax and open up.

Much of the time was spent getting to know each other and find areas we can help improve each others presentations and build relationships for the future.

There are so many people here with much to share. My intention is to record as much as possible and present the conference as I experience it. The level of serious discussion even now, is staggering - and the conference proper has not yet started.

I should note it is not ALL unicorns...

 and teddy bears.

Watch for Updates!

Had a lovely dinner for speakers, with conversation with the irrepressible Tony Bruce, Anna Chicu, Victoria Manevaka and others (and as soon as I am certain of the spelling of the ladies' last names, I'll add them. REALLY!) All in all, a great evening with excellent food, good wine and conversation that left me with much to think on.

Returned back to the conference center and having a chat with George Dinwiddy and a few others and the Afghan girls robotics team arrived. Poor dears looked exhausted, but gamely allowed to have their pictures taken with "fans."

I expect tomorrow will bring more.

For now, I need to practice my talk one more time, then to bed.

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