Monday, April 20, 2020

The Road to Rivendell

This is the fifth part of the story which began here. The second is here.
The third is here. The fourth is here. This saga continues below.

On the Road

The travelers left Bree the next morning. All the residents of Bree and the surrounding country turned out to watch them leave. Not because of any sense of wonder, but mostly making sure they did not trespass on any of their property or work domains.

Because they wanted to be certain that the travelers didn’t do anything without the proper sign-offs.

They followed the road a fair distance, making sure no one could see them from Bree. They also made sure there was no one else watching them, monitoring their progress and gathering measurements that could be misused or interpreted inappropriately.

After what seemed a very long time, they turned off the road and headed cross country. Cutting through bracken and furze. They found a swamp that needed to be skirted as best they could. At one point they found themselves moving in circles as they really had no guidance nor sure idea where they were.

After several days of wandering aimlessly with no significant adventures of interest to us, and no dangers along the road save the inconvenience not finding a conveniently located inn, they heard horses hooves. Looking through the undergrowth they saw a fine white horse. Mounted on the horse was an elf who appeared to be looking for them.

They held their breath, afraid of what might happen. That is, until one of them whispered “Why are we hiding? This is an elf! Not something evil like an Orc, or Troll or Manager!”

The elf heard the whisper. He laughed and said, “You have no reason to fear me. Indeed! Word of your quest reached Elrond at Rivendell. He sent riders out in the directions you were likely to travel that we might find you. Will you hide or wander forever or will you come with me to speak with Elrond at fair Imladris, or Rivendell as it is now called?”

They came out from their hiding spot and looked in wonder. They had never met an elf before. Indeed, they thought elves and such to be long vanished if they ever existed at all.

He dismounted from his horse and walked toward them “Greetings! I am called Erestor. You look weary and perhaps a bit dazed. Wandering in the wild without a guide can be challenging if not dangerous. I can walk with you and bring you to a camp where I have some companions preparing food, expecting me to find you today. The way is not far. There you can rest and refresh yourselves before we journey to Rivendell. It is not far, but will be full night before we arrive there.”

With that, the travelers happily joined Erestor and went with him. A short distance only they walked, less than a mile. Still they would not have found the camp at all, save for Erestor leading them. They also found the road they had been searching for. The elves's camp was right near it.

The next morning, the travelers woke to find a delightful breakfast of fresh baked bread with butter, fruits, nuts and honey waiting for them. They ate this gladly, then went with Erestor, walking with him as he told many tales and stories from the past.

But any information about testing or software he would not share. “Such things are not for me to talk with you about. Elrond should be the one who can speak with you on these matters.” 

The story continues here.

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